Taking the Lead - 'Attendance Race'.

Kia ora whanau,

Attendance is a biggy this term. At this time of the year it is crucial attendance rate of 87% is maintained across the school.  School-wide competition has been tight this term.  Each House groups have competitions running each term to ensure, attendance rate is maintained.  Nothing like a little healthy competition to get our girls going!  This appears to be working, this term - Witarina house takes the lead, with Taini and Makareti not far behind.

In our whanau group, our goal is a 95% attendance rate, or near enough.  Currently our EVOL class is averaging around 88%, so well done to all my girls for hitting the school target. I plan on celebrating with a Pizza shared lunch when our group reach the 90s at the end of the term.

To ensure your daughter's academic success, it is imperative that we maintain a reasonable attendance level. To ensure this happens, your help as whanau is required, valued and would be much appreciated. This includes helping them to find the motivation to get to school. Praise them on how well they are doing, getting involved in their school life, lets them know you're interested in their academic life.  This in turn will most certainly help in boosting confidence and motivation level.

This term we also got to celebrate, a few awards during House Assemblies, with a few of our girls taking home awards for outstanding attendance, participation during cross country championships and various community work.

No reira tena koutou, tena koutou, tena tatou katoa! :)